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Productions Featuring Cole's Classic Cars

Cole's Classic Cars can supply you with antique, exotic, racing and special interest automobiles from the roaring 20's up 'til today's newest styles. Check out our car listing for some of the vehicles available for hire. Whether it be for use in a convention, fashion, movie, advertising or commercial or any other event, we will supply those special vehicles that best fits your needs. Coles Classic Cars is family owned and operated, serving Central Florida area since 1971. We have done many exciting jobs here in the sunshine state, for example - the Super Boy Episodes, Movie Star Motorcades at Disney, The Movie "OSCAR", Commercial for Lacrosse Sports, Music Videos for "Natural" and "Vin-Detta", numerous commercials with Movie Stars, magazine shoots with Alloy out of New York City, Cosmopolitan, Fortune, and High Performance Pontiac. We also specialize in finding any kind of hard to find props for stage set-ups.

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  • Bound for Glory featuring 1938 Cadillac.
    Total Nonstop Action Wrestling,
    Universal Studios Fla.
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving Video
    PSA, directed by Ben Van Hook Pictures /
    Orlando, FL
  • "Natural"/ Music Video
    Trans Continental Television Production Inc.
  • Commercial for Brusters Ice Cream
    CO2 Adverting Agency / Washington
  • TNA / Universal Studios Fla.
    Promotional commercials for upcoming events
  • Aileen Wournis Docu-Drama
    for the Discovery Channel
    Straight On Productions / Santa Monica, California
  • Publix Ice Cream Commercial
    Directorz / Dallas, Texas
  • Lacrosse Sports Commercial
    Phasmatrope Stuios / Haverford, PA
  • Superboy TV Episodes
    MGM Studios / Orlando, Florida
  • Oscar - Movie Set
    Universal Studios / Orlando, Florida
  • Reader's Digest Commercial
    Universal Studios / Orlando, Florida
  • Venezuela Bank Commercial
    Universal Studios / Orlando, Florida
  • Commercial shoot with Richard Gere
    Radiant Pictures / California
  • Vindetta / Music Video
    "Once Was Broke"
    WAC International